Using Mint with a Zero Sum Budget

Using Mint with a Zero Sum Budget

Traveling is great, but it can be tough to fit into your budget. While I’ve given some tips for traveling on the cheap, it’s still important that whatever money you spend on travel actually fits into your budget.

Throughout the years I’ve tried several methods of budgeting. I’ve tracked my expenses on scraps of paper (not the best technique), used Dave Ramseys’ envelope system, logged every receipt into a spreadsheet, and just crossed my fingers that I’d be okay each month (by far the worst approach). Eventually I landed on using Mint to track a zero-sum budget. This approach has worked for my husband and me for several years now. It’s been such a relief to have an easy, hassle-free way to budget. Best of all? It’s helped us to find more money for the things we love (like travel!).

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While I’d love to keep talking to you here about how exactly I use Mint and a zero-sum budget, the rest of the information is found in a guest post I did over at Route Bliss. So pop on over to keep reading, and while you’re there be sure to browse around the rest of her pages–she’s got some great content!

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