The Most Ridiculous Way to See San Francisco in a Day

The Most Ridiculous Way to See San Francisco in a Day

Almost 4 years ago, Kyle and I got married. We met in August, started dating that fall (we’re in slight dispute about when we actually started dating, so let’s just leave it at “the fall”), were engaged March 2, and married May 27. We were quite efficient at our dating/engagement/wedding planning. Once I knew he was the guy for me, I was ready to start our life together. No dilly-dallying. Luckily he felt the same way.

After getting hitched, we immediately headed out on our honeymoon in California. Most of the trip was spent in Monterrey, but we drove up to San Francisco for one full day at the end of the trip. Since we were only there for a day, we wanted to see a little bit of everything, but nothing for very long. We wanted a unique way to see the city, and we certainly found it.


Go Car in San Francisco, California


We had heard of friends renting a Go Car for a couple hours on their trip in San Fran. Go Cars are little yellow “cars” that are basically a mix of a slow motorcycle, scooter, and car. You’re allowed to drive it on the roads that have speed limits less than 45 mph (mostly because the car doesn’t go much faster than that). The Go Car comes with a a guided GPS tour that gives you directions and information as you go, but you’re allowed to veer off the route as much as you’d like. You’re allowed to park the Go Car in motorcycle parking spots, so it was super easy to get out and see the sights. We decided the rent the car for the entire day and use it to drive all over the city.

While the Go Car definitely had some practical sides, it was mostly just fun and absolutely hilarious. You’re driving around town in a bright yellow, teeny tiny, unenclosed car that sometimes struggles to get up hills all while wearing a big ole helmet. It’s pretty hard to scream TOURIST any louder than that.  We embraced our touristy side and laughed all day long. Because when you’re doing something as ridiculous and embarrassing looking as riding around all day in yellow scoot-mobile, you’re best off with a good sense of humor and a willingness to look like a fool. Two qualities that we both possess in excess.

Go Car in San Francisco, California


We really did see a bit of everything in our little get-up. Or at least the outside of many things, including…

AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants.

ATT Park where the San Francisco Giants play baseball

A fort with some really big guns…or maybe cannons. Whatever they were, they were big!

Big Gun in San Francisco California

And the Golden Gate Bridge. This post is fitting with the recent release of Fuller House. It’s so cheesy and bad, but I can’t stop watching because it brings back ALL THE MEMORIES!

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Californa

We drove through the Golden Gate Park, with a couple stops to explore. We saw a man riding this old-school bicycle that looks ridiculously hard to ride. I can barely ride a regular bike. How is he riding that? (Excuse the line in the middle of the picture. We were driving when I snapped it, and the front of the Go Car has a small piece of windshield.)

A man riding a huge bicycle in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California

We found another park and climbed into a big tree.

Two people standing in a big tree in San Francisco, California

We played in a little neighborhood park where I found the largest flower ever.

A big yellow flower in a girl's hair in San Francisco, California

And drove up the steepest, curviest road to get to this view. I was pretty worried that our Go Car wouldn’t make it to the top, but it pulled through.

View of San Francisco from the top of a hill with a winding road

We drove by some museums. No time to actually enter the museum, but definitely time to hop on a lion!

Two people on a stone lion outside of a museum in San Francisco, California

We also drove by Alcatraz. We wanted to go on a tour, but everything was sold out. So, if you’re going, plan ahead and buy tickets. Or just be happy looking at it from a distance and leaving with a blurry picture of Alcatraz in the fog, like us. It’s your call.

If you want to learn another lesson from us, wear sunscreen. Even if it’s a cloudy day in May, and you’re tan from running outside and tanning for your wedding (Side note: I wasn’t tanning to be tan for our wedding. I was tanning because I  had ridiculous racer back tan lines from running. When going to the tanning bed, I would put sunscreen everywhere except for my tan lines, in hopes of evening out.  It didn’t work out, and I was left with tan lines galore).

But back to San Francisco. In spite of being extremely tan and it not being a particularly bright day, we still ended up looking like lobsters.

Sun Burnt after our day in a Go Car in San Francisco

So, wear sunscreen. And buy your Alcatraz tickets ahead of time. And when you go to San Francisco, rent a Go Car for the day and embrace looking ridiculous. Because sometimes, the more ridiculous  you look, the more fun you’re having.

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13 thoughts on “The Most Ridiculous Way to See San Francisco in a Day

  1. I have seen these little cars in some cities I have visited but wasn’t sure of what to expect. I feel inclined to try one after reading your post. It will be great to try them in San Francisco.

  2. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I just moved to the Bay area and am still figuring out the city – specifically how to park on a hill. Not sure if you guys had an emergency brake on the scooter but I can imagine you needed it if you were parked on a hill!

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