Quebec City Day 2: Montemorency Falls

Quebec City Day 2: Montemorency Falls

You can read about our first day in Quebec City here.

After a great night’s sleep in the gorgeous (and affordable!) Hilton Quebec, we woke up to CHRISTMAS MORNING! Yippee!!! We watched some of the Disney Christmas Day parade (I’m not a huge parade fan, and I’m even less of a Disney fan, so yeah….definitely not the highlight of the trip). After eating a breakfast of leftover pastries (a chocolate croissant for me, a brownie for Kyle…we’re so healthy) and going on a walk around town, we hopped in our car and headed towards Montmorency Falls.


When we got there, we were greeted by a closed gate and a sign saying the falls were closed. Noooo!!!!!! But then we saw a good bit of people walking along railroad tracks. I’d admit, my first reaction was to judge their sanity…weren’t we all taught to not walk on railroad tracks? Trains will come and SMOKE you! But then, I saw that they were walking on the tracks to hop a fence that then let me walk up to the waterfall. Heeeyyyy….walking on railroad tracks sounds like a pretty bright idea!


When it’s opened, there are stairs you can climb to the top of the falls and a bridge so you can walk over the fall (you can see it in the above picture). Alas, we were forced to stay at the bottom of the waterfall. BUT there was a deck right by the waterfall that you could walk up to. I took this picture of Kyle about 10 feet from the deck, and you can see already how heavy the mist was.


Then, I decided it would be a good idea to run onto the deck and immediately got pounded by water. We stayed on the deck for about 20 seconds and left it completely drenched. Maybe not my smartest move, but it was totally worth it…even if the drive back to the hotel was verryy cold and wet.

After drying off and cleaning up, we headed back into Old Quebec for some dinner of the best pizza ever at Sapristi Bistro Bar and dessert at the restaurant in our hotel. I was fuller than I’ve ever been, and just about as happy.

Overall, Quebec City gets two big thumbs up from me. And while it’d be a great place to visit any time of year, I think it’s extra special at Christmas time. Thanks for a great holiday, QC!


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