Quebec City Day 1: Old Quebec at Christmas

Quebec City Day 1: Old Quebec at Christmas

In case you hadn’t heard, Kyle and I moved to Upstate New York just before Christmas this year. While it’s sad to say goodbye to great friends, a job I loved, and being near family, I’m also excited to start exploring (yet another) part of the US. In case you’ve been counting, that’s 4 states in 4 years for us. Some people try to live/run/camp in every state…apparently we’re trying to live in every state.

Since we moved here just days before the Christmas holiday, we decided to not go back to the Midwest to see family (sorry Mom and Dad!). Instead, it was time for a mini vacation, and we easily landed on Quebec City for our quick trip (3 nights/2 days). Quebec City is known for it’s elaborate Christmas festivities, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. QC is a fortified city (the only city like this north of Mexico); inside the fortress is a part of town called Old Quebec. Below, you can see the fortress surrounding Old Quebec. This picture is from inside the fortress, looking out at at the newer parts of Quebec.

The fortress guarding Old Quebec

Old Quebec feels like a small French village (even more so because French is the language of choice here). Cobblestone streets and small alleys are full of quaint shops, restaurants, and cafes. At Christmastime, it’s even more charming. Lights and decorations are everywhere and we even found several groups out caroling.




A Christmas tree person! *love*

Does it get any more festive than that? The entire first day (Christmas Eve) we meandered about, taking in all the scenery and Christmas-y-ness. One a slight tangent, it was raining off and on all afternoon. RAIN! Normally I love cozy, rainy days, but it is CHRISTMAS! Where’s the snow, Mother Nature?!

Despite the weather, we had a wonderful Christmas Eve in Quebec City. There was so much to do and see, and everything put us in the Christmas spirit. Since we’re in the process of moving, the Christmas-y feeling kind of skipped us this year, so I was extra grateful to be drenched in Christmas-ness for our short time in QC.


Up Next: Our second day in Quebec City which featured a big ole waterfall. Stay tuned!


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  1. I can’t wait to hear about all your travels!!! I’m going to live through you….. I’m still here in Peoria, Il 🙁

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