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About the Blog

We love to travel and are avid runners. Whenever we go on trips, we’re always excited to find new and unique places to run. In fact, running is one of our favorite ways to explore new cities and countries. This blog is a resource of tried and true travel tips, running routes, and stories from my adventures. In particular, our travels and advice come from a couple who is working full time and traveling together. We write to help and inspire people find ways to see the world, even when money is tight and days off are scarce. While we love all types of travel, we tend towards adventurous outdoor excursions over big city vacations.

I'm next to a glacier!

About Beth

While I currently live in upstate New York, I grew up in Illinois and have also lived in Texas and Indiana. I taught math for 8 years and am now working as a Content Developer for an ed tech start-up. I ran cross country in high school and kept running a few miles a week after that. In 2011 (after meeting Kyle), I started upping my mileage and got serious about distance running. Since then I’ve run 6 marathons (Oklahoma City, Illinois, Madison, Grandma’s, Chicago, and Mount Pocono) with a PR of 4:13.

Illinois Marathon in Champaign

We hope you like what you see and will join us on the journey. As much as we love writing about traveling and running, our favorite part of this blog is the community! So  shoot us off an email or follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Bloglovin’.