A Historic Weekend in Boston (That’s Still Fun-filled!)

A Historic Weekend in Boston (That’s Still Fun-filled!)

Before visiting Boston, I didn’t know much about it. The Boston Tea Party came to mind, from many a grade school lesson from  years past. And don’t forget about the Red Sox. But my knowledge doesn’t extend much beyond those two impressive facts. Yet for whatever reason, Boston has always been a city I’ve really wanted to visit. I couldn’t give you any concrete reason why, just a general (albeit a bit fuzzy) feeling I had about it.

I’ve now spent a weekend in Boston, so I’m pretty much an expert on it and all my feelings have been replaced with a firm knowledge of the city. I’m not a particularly emotion-loving person, so I’m happy to be planted back in the “facts and nothing but the facts” camp.

I will say, Boston is a very historic city. Many important things happened there, and you’re supposed to go see all those landmarks. For a non-history buff, that sounded a bit boring to me. Even worse, my lovely husband adores history and has the longest attention span ever. But he was gracious and sped things along to go at my pace for this trip. Which was good because we had a lot to see!

Boston’s Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is absolute genius. It’s literally a dotted line throughout the city of Boston that takes you to pretty much every famous spot in the city. No need for pre-planning, a GPS, getting lost, or asking for directions. Just follow the line. Along the Freedom Trail you’ll come across…

The State Capital Building. Go inside, they have free tours and self-guided tours.

MA Capital Building in Boston

The grave sites of many famous people. 

Gravestones of famous people

Statues. So many statues.


Riding a statue of a hore

Several old churches, including the one where Paul Revere hung his lantern. Interesting tidbit: those boxes inside the church are pews, each purchased and owned by a different family.

Inside of a historic church in Boston

The USS Constitution. You even get to tour the outside and inside of the boat!

The USS Constitution in Boston

The Bunker Hill Monument. You can hike 294 steps to the top of the monument for a sweet view of the city.

Bunker Hill Monument

Pro Tip: Paul Revere’s house was by far the most interesting thing I saw. I don’t have any pictures, either because pictures weren’t allowed or because I was too enthralled to remember to take a picture. I don’t remember which. Either way, don’t miss it!

Things Just off the Freedom Trail

Now I just listed a whole bunch of history things we saw. Fear not, I was never (errr…rarely) bored. Partially because many of the sites were quite interesting, but also because there were many non-Freedom Trail things mixed in. You see, the Freedom Trail goes straight through the middle of Boston, so you’re surrounded by other fun city things to do.

Faneuill Hall Marketplace. This area has several cute shops, including little souvenir shops alongside normal apparel stores and restaurants.

Long Wharf and Christopher Columbus Park. Great views of the water.

Sitting by Long Wharf in Boston

Mike’s Pastry. The North End is Boston’s Italian area, and there is more delicious food here than you could ever try. But Mike’s Pastry is probably the best (and definitely the best known), especially for a cannoli.  Trust me, you need to go.

Eating a cannoli at Mike's Pastry in Boston

Boston Museum of Science

The Boston Museum of Science is an interactive museum that is geared slightly more towards kids than adults. Still, we spent a full day their completely entertained. Be sure to see the electricicty show. You’ll learn a thing or two and get a sweet lightening demo at the end.

The setup for the electric lightning show at the Boston Science Museum



America’s first University, or at least they claim (a few other colleges make similar claims, so it’s a bit debatable). Still, it’s fun to walk around this famous university. Just don’t peer into the students’ dorm rooms or try to sneak in through the windows, like some visitors. What’s wrong with people?! Apparently tourists visiting the campus have become more and more aggressive in their attempts to explore the university. Don’t be creepy. 🙂

And that was our weekend! Even though we crammed things into every second of our trip, I still feel like I’ve only just begun to explore Boston. There’s so much there! And if you’re a non-history buff like me, rest assured you’ll still have a wonderful time. Just buy a few extra cannoli’s at Mike’s Pastry and keep them in your purse so you can munch when your travel mates start to spend just a little too much time taking in a statue or exhibit. Take it from me, food increases patience exponentially. And I’m a math teacher, so I know what I’m talking about when I throw out words like “exponentially”.

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  1. I grew up in the area and think you’ve hit all the right places! One thing I would recommend is going across the street to modern pastry if you think the line at Mike’s is too long!

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