9 Favorite Blogs

9 of my favorite blogs

Do you follow blogs? If not, you should! Including mine, of course! 🙂 But seriously, blogs are fantastic! Once you get your favorite go-to blogs, you’ll have a resource of experts at your fingertips. But finding blogs to follow can be tough. To help you out, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite blogs in 3 categories (travel, running, and lifestyle).

If you’re not currently following blogs, you’ll want to find a system to keep up with posts. One option is to subscribe to the blogs you want to follow by email from each of their sites. This works if you’re just following a couple, but can overwhelm your inbox if you follow too many. Even better is to sign up for an RSS feed website such as  Bloglovin and Feedly. They’re like Facebook for blogs and will keep you up-to-date and organized.

Travel Blogs

Unlocking Kiki: This blog is by an ex-pat living in Iceland. It’s full of gorgeous pictures that will make you want to move ASAP.

Snow in Tromso: Another ex-pat blogger, this time in Norway. I just found this blog while planning our summer vacation in Norway, but it’s made it onto my short list of loved blogs already.

Globe Trotter Girls: This blog is full of travel inspiration and tips. She travels full time across the world, blogging as she goes. What a life!

Running Blogs

Arkansas Runner Mom: This mom of 4 races marathons and shorter distances as well with some impressive finishing times. She’s definitely an inspiration, and her blog helps me keep my training on point.

NYC Running Mama: Another running mom, this time out of NYC. Very similar to the blog above, she trains hard and runs some impressive times while raising her kids and working full time. Her blog has great training tips as well.

Loving on the Run: This girl gets up at 4:xx every day to run mega miles before work. She does some great reviews along with detailed training logs.

Lifestyle Blogs

The Frugal Girl: My go-to blog for recipes and general life tips. Her blog is truly the most cheerful and humble place on the internet.

Enjoying the Small Things: With amazing photography, she blogs about seeing the silver lining in every situation.

Oaks and Oats: This blog covers a bit of everything…photography, product reviews, decorating, and general life.

There you have it! What about you…what are some of your favorite blogs to follow?


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