9 Day Iceland Itinerary: Days 7 – 9

9 Day Iceland Itinerary: Days 7 – 9

After 6 days of traveling through the southern and eastern parts of the Ring Road in Iceland, we’ve now reached the north side of the island. It’s time for more waterfalls, quaint seaside towns, and soaking in the luscious Blue Lagoon. Does it get any better than this?!

Day 7


Godafoss (translates to Waterfall of the Gods) is a beautiful waterfall with a unique story. It got it’s name when a man was tasked with choosing Iceland’s official religion in 1000. After much debate, he chose Christianity and promptly threw his pagan statues in this waterfall.

Powerful Godafoss Waterfall in Iceland


This seaside town is full of energy, a variety of restaurants, and several art museums. We chose to pass through this town, but wished we could have spent more time there.


After Akureryi, you can continue on Ring Road to head west along the north side of Iceland, but it takes you along the interior. Instead, we hopped onto Highway 82 to stay along the gorgeous coast. This took us through the cute town of Dalvik, home of the tallest Icelandic man Johann Petursson who grew to a whopping 7 feet 8 inches. Be sure to stand next to his picture and feel like the smallest person ever.


After passing through a dark tunnel along Highway 82, you soon come to the colorful marina town of Siglufjordur. It was a gorgeous, sunny day so we spent some time wandering around this town. There is a herring museum in town with good reviews, but we were too late to go in.

The seaside town of Siglufjordur, Iceland

Day 8

Hofsos Hot Pot

The town of Hofsos is pretty lame (sorry Hofsos) except for one extremely redeeming quality: its hot pot (the Icelandic term for a hot tub). It sits looking over the ocean, and the pool itself is practically an infinity pool. Go drink in the views while you soak in the tub.

The Grof Chapel

Just outside of Hosfos is the Grof Chapel, the oldest church in Iceland. You can go inside, but the most interesting part is outside–the walls are made of turf!

Iceland's oldest church, the Grof Chapel, with turf walls

Icelandic Horses

From Hosfos, make your way back to Ring Road (via Route 76) As you continue your drive, you’ll notice that you are deep in horse country. Icelandic horses are small, but cherished. Just be careful not to insult the Icelandic by referring to these loved horses as “ponies”.

Icelandic horses are a small breed of horses unique to Iceland

Grabrok Crater

Almost 3 hours down Ring Road from Hofsos is the Grabrok Crater. This crater has a wooden staircase leading you to the top of the crater. You can then hike around the entire upper rim of the crater.


This was by far the most unique waterfall, as the water is coming from below ground! It’s breathtaking and utterly gorgeous. To get here from Grabrok, take Ring Road to Route 50 to Route 518.

For the Hraunfossar Waterfall in Iceland, the water actually comes from below ground!

Day 9

For our last day in Iceland, we headed to Reykjavik to explore the city. Reykjavik is a colorful, cozy town, and we could have spent several more days there.

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is perhaps what Iceland is best known for. This natural hot spring pool is pricey and crowded, but it’s totally worth it to be able to soak in its warm, milky blue waters. You absolutely need to reserve a time slot ahead of time (you can do so online), or else you’re most likely not getting in. The Blue Lagoon is outside of Reykjavik, near the airport, so you’ll need several hours for this excursion.

The milky blue waters of the famous Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Laugavegur Street

This shopping district in downtown Reykjavik is perfect for an afternoon stroll. It’s lined with boutique shops, delicious lunch stops, and several cozy coffee shops.

Laugavegur street in downtown Reykjavik, Iceland

Hallgrimskirkja Church

You can travel to the top of the tower in this church, which gives you great views of the city and mountains around Reykjavik.

And there you have it! A detailed, comprehensive itinerary from our trip in Iceland. It was truly the most memorable, scenic, and amazing place I’ve ever been. I’m already scheming on how to return!

If you’re planning your trip to Iceland and have any questions, please email me so I can help you out! In case you missed it, here are my other posts on Iceland:

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